Administrator (Staff) Training Videos

Watch our video tutorials and learn how to use Med+Safe® to perform a variety of administrative functions including reporting on user compliance

  • Med+Safe®: An overview of the Administrator's Dashboard

This video will show Med+Safe® Administrators how to perform a variety of administrative functions including:

  • 0:00: Logging in to the Administrator’s Dashboard (interface)
  • 0:25: How to search for a user in the system
  • 0:50 How to reset a user’s password
  • 1:20 Reviewing a user’s total number of logins and a breakdown of their individual logins
  • 1:50 Reviewing granular information about a user’s performance in any assessment
  • 4:20 How to reset a user’s assessment attempts (allowing them to re-attempt an assessment)
  • 5:15 How to mark a user as “complete” (assign them with a certificate) for an assessment
  • 6:00 How to access the TRANSCRIPT to view a summary of all assessment completions a user has ever achieved
  • Med+Safe®: Group Wide Report

This video will show Med+Safe® Administrators how to access and use the core Med+Safe® report. This report will list the performance of all users in a selected group for a selected assessment across a selected time period – and everything is exportable to CSV format. If you have had a group of users undertake a specific Med+Safe® assessment and you want a summary of their performance, this report is your first choice.