Med+Safe for Students & Qualified Health Professionals

Are you a student or a qualified health professional who administers medicines?

Med+Safe is the preferred and most widely used tool in Australian Universities and TAFE colleges.

Learn medication safety the fun and easy way!

Students and qualified health professionals will receive the following key benefits:

  • Fun, engaging & realistic animations that simulate real clinical practice in a safe training environment
  • Thousands of practice questions
  • State of the art learning resources in video and text format
  • 365/24/7 login access from Mac/PC and most mobile devices
  • Certificates issued instantly upon completion of assessments
  • Over 30 hours of CPD upon completion of all assessments
  • Internationally recognised CPD points accredited by the CPD Standards Office
  • Heavily discounted license fees for students


“The software was useful in the way it showed you the medication order on the med chart and the stock strength in the actual bottle or vial. I was able to visualise it much easier than what I could if I just had a question written on paper.”