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Video Lectures

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Medication Orders (MAR)

IV Pumps

Tablet & Capsules

Oral Medicines


Check and review the MAR to make clinical decisions

Use photorealistic IV pumps to administer the right infusion rate

Move tablets from the blister pack into the plastic cup

Draw up the right dose using simulated oral syringes

Draw up the right dose using simulated syringes (IV, IM, subcut)

Syringe Drivers

Infusion Rates

Right Time

Check Medicines

Right Patient


Correctly calculate and then use simulated nursing tools such as syringe drivers

Learn to set the correct infusion rate - exactly as you would in real clinical practice

Check the time to ensure the patient is receiving the medicine at the right time

Ensure you give the right medicines and that they are in date

Check patient identifiers and ensure you are giving medicines to the right patient